How to play for the largest progressive slot machine jackpots and how to win them.

Introduction to Progressive Slots

Progressive slots did not exist before the early 1980s when microchips were first introduced to slot devices. However, IGT, a leading slot machine producer, didn’t release its first multi-site connected progressive slot machines until March 1986. Check out the Best info about slotxo.

When several machines (possibly in different casinos) contribute to the same jackpot, the prize pool can grow to enormous proportions very rapidly. For example, slots players in Las Vegas have earned over $8 million in a single win on a progressive jackpot, according to rumors I’ve heard.

What Causes Increasing Jackpots

Since progressive jackpots are fed by a small percentage of each wager, the payout percentage for regular wins (those that do not contribute to the bank) is smaller than on a standard slot machine. However, if the progressive jackpot is factored in, the payment remains the same.

For argument’s sake, assume you were spending $5 per turn on a linked progressive slot machine in a Las Vegas casino. If you bet $5, you might receive $3.50 in non-payout prizes, $1.25 for the casino, and 25 cents for the progressive jackpot. However, if you were to play a non-progressive slots game at the same site, your winnings would be distributed as follows. Losses totaled $1.25, while winnings totaled $3.75.

While it was assumed that the casino paid out 75% in the case above, the actual payout percentage for slots in brick-and-mortar casinos is more like 70%-87%. This is a vast discrepancy compared to online casinos, which usually have payout rates between 89 and 99 percent.

The money you wager on a $5 spin of an online progressive jackpot slot machine at a regular online casino with a 95% payout rate would be distributed this way. The online casino keeps $0.25, the advanced prize fund gets $0.25, and the remaining $4.50 goes to the winner.

These numbers clarify why many dedicated slot players gravitate toward online casino sites.

Progressive Jackpot Games Available Online

Playing online sounds better if you’re a player because of the complimentary drinks. (in that you should win more). Since I’ve already mentioned how big jackpots can get in brick-and-mortar casinos, you’re probably wondering how big online gambling progressive jackpots get. The response is that they are constantly increasing; the highest bank ever paid out was $1.76 million in December 2005, and the same slot machine that produced that sum now shows a Jackpot of over $3.5 million. So when the prize in the slots game known as Millionaires Club Progressive Prize Slot is finally won, it will become the most significant progressive slots jackpot ever awarded by an online casino.

The growth of online progressive jackpots is astounding; just a few years ago, the largest bank won just over $1 million. Even after that is won, I expect a new record to be established within a year or so. I believe the biggest jackpots will start being paid out by online casinos within the next couple of years.

How do you determine a victor, then?

Deciding on a progressive prize to play is not convoluted at all. Once you know the minimum bet, the maximum payoff, and the typical payout of the progressive jackpot, you can make educated wagers.

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