How to Handle the Sun Reading Answers

Skimming and scanning, taking notes, and underlining essential information are necessary skills for approaching Iode reading questions. The SUN method is one way of doing this, and it will be the focus of this article.

This article covers the Matching Features Question type and provides extensive introductions, tips, and sample questions.


In health readings, The Sun card can indicate that you are optimistic about the future and are overflowing with zeal for life. If reversed, however, this card can tell that you are struggling with failures and disappointments. You might also feel excluded or as if you are not part of the group. Moreover, your vision of the future can be hazy or skewed.

The upright position of this card suggests that you can reach enlightenment through faith and spirituality. If reversed, you might be finding it difficult to relate to your true spiritual nature or to connect with the higher power. You might also have prejudices that are keeping you from attaining enlightenment. You might also have issues with the eyes when this card is reversed.


Sun exposure has a number of benefits but also carries risks. It’s important to understand these risks and take steps to protect your skin and eyes from harm. This IELTS reading passage and questions provide valuable insights into the different perspectives on sun exposure, its benefits, and risks.

Using the SUN method to approach Iode’s reading questions can be very helpful in saving time and searching for critical information in the passage. It involves skimming and scanning the article and then underlining and taking notes to find relevant information to answer the questions. We’ll cover this process in more detail in our next lesson on IELTS reading skills.


The Sun tarot card sends a promise of success, wealth, and abundance when pulled into the upright position. If you’ve recently been through a tough time and feel like your prospects have diminished, this card is here to tell you that things are going to get better. You’ll find new joy in your life as you begin to see your future course and direction in a more positive light. You’ll be energized and overflowing with optimism as you prepare to reach for the stars!

When the card is pulled in reverse, it can indicate that your prejudice is holding you back from relating to your spiritual nature.


When The Sun appears in the upright position during a tarot card reading, your financial situation is favorable, and your wealth-related endeavors are likely to be successful. This card may also indicate that any secret debts you have will come to light. When this card shows up in reverse, it suggests that you are struggling to find pleasure and that you need to reconnect with your spiritual side. You may feel that negative prejudices are holding back your faith and that you need to let go of this in order to enjoy its full enlightenment. Alternatively, this card may suggest that you are seeking an escape from the daily commotion.