How Much Is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a subscription service that provides ads-free videos and YouTube Music streaming to subscribers, making it the ideal option for fans of YouTube content and original videos.

One of the primary advantages is removing advertisements. While other methods may be available to bypass ads, such as AdBlockers or similar services, YouTube does not sanction such practices and denies creators income.


YouTube Premium subscription offers ad-free video viewing and the option of saving videos or playlists offline for viewing later. In addition, videos will continue playing even when switching apps or turning off your screen – potentially worth paying for depending on your needs; but be sure to fully consider all your options before committing.

YouTube Premium’s main advantage lies in removing ads, which can often be disruptive and annoying. While people can bypass advertisements by using ad blockers to skip YouTube ads, this practice isn’t supported officially and deprives creators of revenue. Furthermore, subscribers get exclusive shows exclusively available on this paid tier, such as those created by Lilly Singh and Rooster Teeth.

YouTube Premium costs $12 per month but could prove more costly, depending on your viewing habits. It is worth considering if you enjoy YouTube Originals and want the option of downloading videos offline when traveling or expecting limited data coverage; additionally, there is also YouTube Music Premium (an ad-free subscription with offline viewing capability) which costs $7 per month, in addition to offering streaming music and playlists without ads as well as downloading them for offline viewing purposes.

YouTube Premium and Music are now priced in line with other services, reflecting their growing popularity and demand. Current subscribers will see higher costs upon their next billing cycle, while new customers may experience it immediately upon signing up.


One of the hallmarks of YouTube Premium is its ad-free experience. Ads are one of the costliest elements to host and stream on YouTube, so their removal allows viewers to watch videos uninterrupted. Unfortunately, ad-blocking is still commonplace and deprives creators of much-needed revenue; therefore, YouTube now offers Premium services to monetize its video platform and make money off its video service.

Ad-free experience aside, YouTube Premium also grants access to Originals shows featuring some of YouTube’s biggest stars; dramas, comedy specials, and documentaries can be found within. Plus, there are even live-stream events hosted exclusively for subscribers of YouTube Premium!

YouTube Premium makes life easy by downloading videos for offline viewing on mobile devices, providing an invaluable service for people with limited cellular data or traveling in areas with poor connectivity. Furthermore, this service saves your favorite videos so that they are available whenever needed – perfect for anyone wanting a fast way to watch content at their convenience!

YouTube Premium includes access to YouTube Music, Google’s music streaming service that competes with Spotify and Apple Music. Premium subscribers can listen to millions of songs with ad-free playback even with the screen off, plus enjoy personalized recommendations and playlists, offline listening via background listening functionality in apps like this, streaming HD quality, meeting high-resolution screens with ease and using Google Meet for sharing videos with family and friends via their phones – as well as using it with smart TVs and game consoles compatible with this YouTube app!

Ad-free experience

If you watch YouTube videos frequently, ads may become an inconvenient nuisance. With a YouTube Premium subscription, all ads are eliminated so you can watch without interruption; additionally, this ad-free experience extends to smart TV apps and game consoles. Plus, YouTube Premium subscribers have exclusive access to original series and movies exclusively available via YouTube!

YouTube Premium is an ideal solution for anyone who enjoys watching videos on the go, providing an ad-free viewing experience and the save-for-offline feature, which makes viewing easy on long commutes or trips. Its cost is affordable – including YouTube Music, an alternative premium music streaming service!

While many users rely on ad-blocking software to avoid YouTube ads, doing so deprives creators of revenue. That is why YouTube introduced YouTube Premium – a subscription service that allows viewers to support their favorite channels while watching ad-free. Furthermore, subscribers can access features like background playback and downloading videos offline.

YouTube Premium differs from traditional cable packages in that it costs less and provides only specific platform benefits – for instance; it does not include live TV streaming services or unlimited DVR storage space. Furthermore, recently YouTube announced its new Premium Lite plan, which provides users ad-free viewing across all platforms except its main app with no additional features such as offline downloads – starting in certain countries for $5 per month.

Background streaming

When working or relaxing, having YouTube as background noise can help. One of the world’s premier content platforms, you can find everything from tutorials to music videos on it – but to use videos as background content you must subscribe to YouTube Premium first.

There are a couple of ways around this restriction. First, third-party apps like YouTube Vanced provide background video playback on Android and iOS devices for free and work regardless of root status or root permission. Another solution would be obtaining a YouTube Premium subscription which costs $12 monthly but includes YouTube Music and videos in your background playlists.

With this subscription, YouTube videos can play automatically even when switching apps or powering off your screen. Plus, saving videos for offline playback is handy for limiting cellular data usage or traveling in areas without internet service access – something available on desktop YouTube and its iPhone and Android mobile apps offers.

YouTube Premium gives you access to exclusive content such as original series and movies, Google Meet sessions where all participants, regardless of device type, can watch YouTube videos together, streaming in Picture-in-Picture mode with ads being skipped, downloading videos for offline viewing as well as audio streaming without advertisements being played back ad-free, as well as a family-friendly version with content tailored for children and parental controls – plus an option for a free 30-day trial on their website!

Save for offline

YouTube Premium provides users with an ad-free viewing experience, making it an appealing feature. The service removes ads from videos on desktops, mobile devices, smart TVs, and streaming devices – in addition to enabling offline downloading for viewing while traveling or at places with limited internet connectivity. However, download files may only be viewable via the YouTube app.

YouTube Premium’s main advantage lies in removing ads. Still, it also comes with other features, including background streaming and ad-free music, access to original content, a YouTube TV subscription, three-month free trials for new users, actual programming access, and access to YouTube TV – making this service great value compared to similar live streaming services.

Consider whether YouTube Premium is worth your investment depending on your needs and usage habits. If you only watch YouTube videos for entertainment purposes, paying the subscription may not make financial sense; in this instance, alternative options like Roku TV, Hulu Live TV, or Sling TV could be better choices.

Ad-blocking software robs YouTube of essential revenue, so Google introduced YouTube Premium: an advertising-free service that lets users watch their favorite videos without ads while supporting creators and offline viewing and audio listening capabilities. Additionally, subscribers have the opportunity to enjoy audio podcasts while they travel.

While Google’s price increase for YouTube Premium might seem frustrating, it’s important to remember that they still make a profit off its services and that its ad-free service more than makes up for its subscription costs; YouTube Premium remains one of the world’s most popular streaming services alongside Spotify, Amazon Prime Video and Apple Music.