How Do I Find Beats For My Rap?

Finding a beat that suits your style is paramount to writing a rap song. A compelling beat sets the mood and inspires lyrics and rhyme words to come flowing out. Read the Best info about freestyle beats.

Many websites sell beats at various prices; some may be more costly.

1. Go to YouTube

As its name implies, YouTube is an online video platform; however, it can also be a great place to find beats for your rap song. Use search terms such as “Drake-type beat” or “Eminem-type beat,” and you should find some high-quality beats you can use for free!

Many beats on offer may only have non-exclusive rights; exclusive rights could be the way forward if you want a genuinely great beat for commercial use. These could allow you to take your beat further and land bigger gigs, such as songs on radio stations, movie soundtracks, or video game soundtracks. Though these exclusive licenses can be costly, shop around before settling on one!

2. Check out Soundclick

Soundclick is an industry-leading beat-selling platform where you can find an assortment of beats explicitly tailored to your musical genre. Additionally, they allow users to search based on the key, which is particularly helpful when singing or harmonizing over existing melodies.

Note the producer’s pricing structure when looking for beats. Some producers offer leasing agreements, while others charge exclusively. Lease agreements provide excellent opportunities for rappers on a tight budget who wish to use the beat multiple times without incurring extra costs.

If a producer is charging for exclusive rights, visit their website and social media accounts carefully – they may include testimonials or even videos explaining why they charge such high prices.

3. Check out Bandcamp

Bandcamp hosts many producers who create beats for rappers free of charge. Some of these producers require that you give credit or mention their brand in any songs created over their beat, to give them credit for producing it.

Bandcamp provides an abundance of instrumentals suitable for just about every genre, but be sure to read up on their licensing conditions before selecting one for use in your project.

Bandcamp beats are unique in that they come tracked out, meaning that all the individual components (Kick, Snare, Hi-hat, strings, and brass) of an instrumental are available as stems – meaning you can take these separate tracks directly to a professional mixer who can combine your vocals into it seamlessly.

4. Hire a beat maker

If you don’t have time or aren’t confident in making your beats, hiring a producer to produce custom beats could be an excellent alternative for more experienced rappers who know precisely what they’re doing.

An excellent rap beat should include several essential elements: drums, bass and low-end instruments, topline or melody instruments, chords/harmonies/vocals. Additional sounds such as field recordings (such as nature sounds or traffic noises), Foley effects, and synthesized sounds may also be added for variety.

Your choice of rap beat should also correspond with your voice in terms of key. That way, it will be easy for you to match up the tempo of your song to its beat easily. Also, inspect its mix quality; mixing refers to when a producer uses tools like equalizers, compressors, and volume faders to balance levels across an audio track).

5. Check out websites that sell beats

Beatstars, Airbit, and Traktrain have become popular sites for producers to sell their beats online. Offering a diverse selection of beats with an easy user interface that enables rappers to quickly locate the beat they desire is essential for producers’ livelihood.

Many websites provide free trial periods so rappers can test the beats before purchasing. Furthermore, some allow downloads in different keys, so you can find something to suit your vocals perfectly.

Other sites provide exclusive beats at higher prices, which may help your beats stand out among their competition and draw in rappers’ interest more effectively. Furthermore, these websites typically have superior customer service, so if you’re serious about selling beats, it’s worthwhile checking them out.

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