Holosun EPS Micro Red Dot Sights

Holosun offers one of the top micro red dot sights on the market with their EPS series: they boast shake awake technology and 50k hour battery life; parallax-free objective glass; and ultra-low dot height to allow integration with factory iron sights.

Holosun’s EPS Carry pistol optic is especially suited for concealed carry pistols and features its innovative technologies in an ergonomic package explicitly made for pistols.

Battery Life

Holosun red dot models like the EPS and EPS Carry offer long battery lives and include features like Shake Awake Technology, solar backup power, and parallax-free objective glass that make these exceptional choices for concealed carry purposes and duty use.

Both EPS and EPS Carry utilize identical CR1620 batteries, enabling them to last for 12,000+ hours on circle-plus-dot or up to 50,000 on dot-only settings, respectively. Furthermore, both units are IPX8 waterproof and dustproof while featuring aspheric lenses with large window sizes, low deck heights, and aspheric lenses with aspheric lenses to fit under standard height iron sights for easy mounting on pistols with familiar iron sights.

These red dot optics feature an enclosed emitter, making them more resilient than open-emitter pistol sights. An enclosed emitter helps protect the dot from moisture and dust accumulation that might obscure it or cause multiple bubbles to appear when exposed to moisture or dust, making the EPS Carry an excellent choice for subcompact pistols, which face humidity issues more frequently than full-sized guns.

The EPS and EPS Carry are constructed of aircraft grade 7075 T6 aluminum. This alloy boasts one of the highest-strength aluminum compositions available today, composed of zinc and copper. Furthermore, their corrosion resistance makes them perfect for use in saltwater environments – all qualities that make them excellent choices for tactical or military-grade red dot optics.

An extended mount length makes the EPS-GR-2 an excellent fit for use with subcompact pistols like G43 MOS, G48 MOS, Hellcat, and P365 X/XL pistols – with just the slightest touch reactivating its LED and keeping you ready to fire when necessary.

The EPS-GR-2 comes equipped with a stubby mount to facilitate mounting on smaller handguns, featuring the same footprint and deck height of its siblings HS507K X2 and GR-2, as well as lower deck height to accommodate standard-height pistol iron sights. Furthermore, this model is also compatible with RMSc-to-K footprint adapter plates for use with pistols featuring high indexing lugs such as Glock 19s or Sig P320s.

Shake Awake Technology

Holosun red dot sights are designed for fast and effortless operation in combat situations, enabling users to engage quickly without fidgeting with controls or searching for batteries that might have gone dead. With Shake Awake Technology, an on-board motion sensor automatically deactivates LED illumination during periods of inactivity before powering it back on with a slight shake – this feature can be found on all Holosun tube/open reflex models as well as some micro red-dot units – user can program when the LED will deactivate before powering back on by simply shaking. Sleep Mode can remain activated – complete deactivation can also be programmed into Sleep Mode to save power consumption further – giving peace of mind if desired!

The EPS Carry red-dot sight was explicitly designed to meet the rapid targeting requirements of narrower pistols designed for concealed carry use, boasting innovative features such as Shake Awake technology and Solar Failsafe safety features – not to mention up to 50k hours of battery life!

Built for tactical use, the EPS Carry features a 7075 T6 aluminum housing with IPX8 waterproof protection and low deck height that makes it compatible with standard-height iron sights on most pistol models. Powered by its CR1620 battery with up to 50,000 hours of power and eight daylight brightness settings, its multi-reticle system includes 2 MOA dot, 32 MOA circle, and combination reticle options; additionally, it is fitted with red Super LED illumination and multicoated aspheric lenses to deliver optimal clarity at close and long ranges respectively.

Holosun pioneered its Solar Failsafe technology, which keeps the unit powered even when batteries run dry. This feature enables ambient light to adjust brightness levels automatically for optimal viewing conditions. Outdoors, the reticle will brighten to match sunlight, while indoors, it will dim to reduce eye strain. Furthermore, should a battery failure occur, the Solar Failsafe feature will keep your optic illuminated for up to three hours of uninterrupted illumination. Holosun offers a programmable feature to enable automatic on/off scheduling for optics used for personal defense or law enforcement, making sure they remain active between uses. This option can come in handy if you carry them for self-defense or law enforcement service and want to make sure they stay operational between uses.

Solar Failsafe

Holosun offers red and green pistol dot sights with outstanding battery life without compromising features, with their EPS Carry models using CR1620 batteries that offer up to 50,000 hours of use – plus they come equipped with solar backup, so your optic will continue functioning even if its battery dies!

These units come equipped with patented solar panels on top of optical housing that will take over and continue providing power in case of emergencies. Furthermore, brightness levels will adjust automatically according to lighting conditions – an essential feature in a crisis.

An enclosed emitter can also be beneficial, as it prevents dirt, dust, and moisture from getting in front of the dot and making it unseeable – providing a crisp and clear drop every time!

Holosun’s EPS and EPS Carry red dot sights feature their Multi-Reticle System (MRS), offering three reticle options ranging from a 2-MOA dot surrounded by 32 MOA circles to dot-and-ring combinations. Both companies have a 0.8×0.53 window size and weigh just over an ounce, made out of 7075-T6 aluminum construction. They both boast low deck heights to facilitate use with standard-height iron sights on specific pistol models; additionally, they include an RMR-to-K footprint adapter adapter to enable even more excellent compatibility.

The EPS Carry offers IPX8 waterproof and dustproof protection and unlimited eye relief with zero distortion through an aspheric glass lens. They come with eight daylight and four night-vision compatible intensity settings as well as a shake-to-wake sensor, power-saving sleep mode, user programmability to turn off LED after a certain amount of time when not being used and come complete with CR1620 lithium battery, and hard case. Ideal for concealed-carry firearms or range-training weapons alike – match one to your duty gun for easier cross-training! Check them out now in red or green!

Reticle Options

Holosun is well known for its robust, durable red-dot pistol optics that can withstand extreme conditions. Engineered to withstand recoil effectively and be easy to mount on any pistol, these sights come equipped with various brightness settings for day and night use as well as solar failsafes – making them suitable for law enforcement or concealed carry operations.

Holosun recently introduced their latest enclosed pistol sight: the EPS Carry – explicitly designed to mount on compact guns such as Springfield Hellcat and Sig P365 with concealed carry options like 2 MOA dot dots and 32 MOA circle options – into its Holosun 507K line-up of enclosed pistol sights. Not only does the EPS Carry offer different window sizes compared to its 507K predecessor, but it is lighter overall with lower deck height, allowing it to work alongside standard height iron sights on certain pistols!

Both the EPS and EPS Carry offer up to 50,000 hours of battery life and come equipped with windage and elevation adjustment ranges that enable precise shooting. Furthermore, both models feature eight daylight and four-night vision brightness modes that adapt to different lighting conditions, and their rugged construction makes them an excellent choice for use in tactical situations.

The Holosun EPS makes an excellent concealed weapon choice, offering multiple reticle options and being accessible to mount on pistols with limited slide space. Furthermore, its adapter plate enables mounting on guns with higher indexing lugs like Glock 43 pistols, and its compact yet enclosed design makes it more durable than other pistol sights.

The EPS is the first red dot available specifically designed to fit compact handguns. This means it can be mounted onto more pistols than enclosed red dots like the Aimpoint ACRO and EOTech MRO, making red dot use more accessible to concealed carriers without needing to sacrifice their favorite handgun for it. This advancement makes red dots an essential tool in modern concealed carry without having to sacrifice a favorite firearm!