Haramase Game Review

Haramase Game is an open-ended visual novel dedicated to impregnation fetishism. Anonymous contributors are working on it and are in its early development stages. So expect some rough spots along the way!

After being exposed to a virus that has reduced the male population to only 1%, your goal should be to repopulate the world by impregnating as many girls as possible, thus creating new generations of humans.


Honoo no Haramase is an engaging video game for any lover of eroge games, set in an alternate reality in which almost all men have been killed off by a virus. Players take control of one man who dreams of world dominance by impregnating as many women as possible and impregnating as many women as possible; its story can instantly capture users.

Haramase game offers similar RPG game features, with a distinct difference. Instead of following an obvious plot line, this world provides hidden interactions wherein the main character can meet many girls and get them to fall in love with him or use various means to sex them up and increase the chance of pregnancy.

A group of anons are developing this game, which is still in the early stages. While a bit rough around the edges, it remains an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience that provides excellent graphics, sexual characters, and various fetishes, making it suitable for people who have sexual fantasies.


Haramase is an anime-inspired visual novel with captivating graphics. It offers an engaging narrative that will keep users hooked for hours and boasts exhilarating gameplay!

This game boasts an engaging plot and captivating characters; however, its character designs and CGs present some problems for some players. Furthermore, some minor bugs and glitches may become irritating at times.

This game may not be perfect, but it still makes for an entertaining playthrough. With stunning female characters such as hot models and easy gameplay, this is a fantastic option for anyone seeking new ways to experience kink in their lives and some very sexy and desirable scenes! Unfortunately, its development remains ongoing, with updates frequently coming too slowly or adding little value. As a result, players may begin leaving due to a lack of updates that enhance gameplay – leading to its decline over time.


Are You an Eroge Genre Fan or Looking to Pass Time Enthusiastically? Haramase Game Can Offer the Ideal Visual Experience! Anime-Style Graphics and Sexy Characters Make Haramase Even More Enjoyable

This game takes place in an alternate future where a virus has killed off most of the male population worldwide, leaving only you as one of a select few remaining males to impregnate as many girls as possible and thus repopulate Earth with new life.

Haramase Simulator is an open-ended visual novel focused on impregnation fetishes. Several anonymous contributors are working on it and are still in its early stages of development, so please be prepared for rough edges.

It includes explicit and graphic sexual content such as oral, vaginal, and anal penetrative acts, as well as simulations of threesomes with step-sisters and group orgies involving threesomes using sex toys, mammary intercourse, food play, etc. Children should not play it.

Meshimase Haramase is a video game available on PC that boasts many features designed to make the gaming experience better than usual, such as tips, tricks, and strategies that help players complete the game faster and easier – not to mention becoming better players overall!


Haramase is an anime-style eroge game, offering an exciting story and various characters for interaction. Also, hidden dialogue options within the world of Haramase may help reveal secret interactions that lie deep within. Furthermore, this title features an impressive soundtrack, which helps set the perfect atmosphere.

In this game, you travel back in time to a world in which an epidemic has killed off most of the male population, and the world desperately needs sex – your goal being to impregnate as many girls as possible and make them pregnant! Perfect for people interested in impregnation fetishes or who enjoy playing around with cute anime girls!

Gameplay of this title is straightforward and intuitive, while its graphics are stunning; art that exudes sexuality fills every corner, scenery that comes alive, plenty of flirtatious ero characters to meet and interact with, fast-paced dialogue that’s both humorous and fast, plus an excellent soundtrack that sets the atmosphere for sexual encounters – though its development team has been slow in providing updates, as well as some bugs within it that need fixing. Unfortunately, though, its development team has been somewhat inconsistent regarding updating it regularly since several bugs within its code need addressing.