Getting a Western Dental Review

Getting an idea of the culture and working conditions of a dental office can help you decide if it’s an excellent place to work. You might also find more benefits than expected, including a 401(k) plan and training opportunities. You might also want to read about what type of salaries they pay.

Employee data

Getting a Western Dental review can help you understand the company’s compensation, training opportunities, and overall culture. Studies can also highlight any negative aspects of the company.

Employee data for Western Dental shows that the company has a diverse employee population. Approximately 74% of the staff are female, with a median age of 20 to 30. In addition, there is a higher proportion of employees who are Democratic than those who are Republican. There are roughly 4,500 employees who work for the company.

The average salary for Western Dental employees is $23,477. The company has a total of 355 offices throughout California. A Western Dental employee’s average length of time stays with the company is 3.4 years.


Whether you’re looking for an entry-level job or a senior executive, Western Dental reviews can tell you what’s in store. You’ll learn about the company’s compensation, job titles, benefits, and training opportunities. Some studies also give you a glimpse of the company’s culture and competitors’ actions.

The average salary for a Western Dental employee is $52,247. Although the salary isn’t the largest, it’s a decent number. In addition, the company offers a variety of benefits, including competitive pay, flexible payment plans, and an RDA license fee reimbursement program. Moreover, staff members tend to be quite diverse, with 74% of employees being women.

Company culture

Creating a well-rounded company culture is a multi-faceted endeavor. However, having a mission statement and allowing team members to contribute to that mission will be a keystone to any great civilization.

The best way to determine if your company has a culture worth bragging about is to look at the stats. These include employee numbers, demographics, and the quality of the people. For example, Western Dental is a small organization with a relatively low employee turnover rate. This translates into a high quality of employees.

The company also has a good record of creating a “meet and greet” program whereby new employees can get to know their co-workers. This is especially beneficial to new employees because it allows them to get to know their colleagues more personally.

Working conditions

Among Western Dental and Orthodontics layoffs were service representatives, enrollment coordinators, and call center, supervisors. This may have been the company’s largest single-location layoff since its inception in 1999. The company hopes to bring back the furloughed workers soon.

There are many companies in the dental services industry, but Western Dental ranks among the top ten in California. It also cuts as one of the Best Health Care Companies to Work For in California. The dental services industry is competitive, but the company has managed to create a culture that encourages teamwork and positive interaction. In addition, the company provides its employee’s benefits such as medical coverage, 401(k) plans, tuition reimbursement, and employee discounts.


Getting a Western Dental review can give you information about the company’s culture and working conditions. You can also find out how much money they pay their employees. The average wage for an employee at Western Dental is $52,247 annually.

Western Dental is the largest provider of dental care to Medi-Cal dental patients. In 2017, they provided care to more than half a million Denti-Cal beneficiaries. It is also one of the largest dental providers in the United States. They have more than 200 offices in four states. They also provide orthodontics, braces, dental implants, and specialty dental services. They accept most dental insurance plans.

Training opportunities

Various Western dental reviews offer training opportunities for dental professionals. These are designed to help new hires better understand the company’s culture and what they can expect. They also provide information on their perks and benefits, as well as the best practices in the industry.

The Western Dental & Orthodontics company was founded in 1903. It has more than 300 offices across five states and proudly provides affordable, high-quality dental care. The company uses traditional and proactive recruiting methods to fill its jobs. They also conduct targeted quarterly surveys to gauge team member sentiment. This way, they can better serve their customers.