Fort Collins’ Tour De Fat

Tour de Fat is an annual beer, music, and bike festival that brings Fort Collins’ culture and community together while raising money for bicycle advocacy in cities nationwide. This roving carnival of costumed marvels raises funds to support bicycle advocacy causes across North America.

Tour de Fat will visit six cities this year, including Boston. Their annual bike parade begins at 9:30 am from City Park and travels up and down Mountain Avenue before concluding at New Belgium Brewery for their post-parade festival.

It’s a celebration.

The Tour de Fat is an annual bike and beer festival hosted by New Belgium Brewing that honors the eccentric side of cycling culture. Raising money for local bike non-profits while remaining accessible for attendees to attend, this carnival of bikes, beer, and amusement began its journey from Fort Collins, Colorado – this year alone, it will make stops in six cities!

The event features live music from different genres, such as rock, metal, and alt-rock, from an impressive lineup. There is also a bike pit filled with DIY creations. There is also a beer garden and food vendors. Finally, participants compete to become the Slow Ride IPA champions each year – an annual tradition where participants attempt to be as slow as possible while participating.

Since 1998, this philanthropic cycling circus has raised over $6 Million for local bicycle non-profits. They aim to encourage more people to choose bicycles for transportation by providing a safe and fun atmosphere – their unique atmosphere draws in everyone from hardcore cyclists to those simply interested in dressing up creatively! All proceeds from ticket sales and beer purchases benefit local cycling non-profits like Bike Fort Collins.

Participating in this annual event is free, but participants will require a good sense of humor and an enthusiasm for merriment. Starting at City Park and proceeding along Mountain Avenue, once finished, the party moves over to New Belgium Brewing, where there will be additional music and entertainment.

This year’s event will showcase local Asheville talents, such as Toybox and Hustle Souls, while remaining carbon neutral using solar-powered stage and energy-efficient lighting; additionally, the brewery uses biofuel made from recycled waste oils in their trucks and transport.

Not only can attendees enjoy music and games at this festival, but there are also activities designed to inspire a sense of adventure in everyone. One such activity is the Bike Rodeo Corral, which features bikes that spin, swivel, and run on shoes; other vendors will provide giant Jenga and Connect 4; New Belgium Brewery craft beers will also be on offer alongside local craft brews.

It’s a fundraiser.

New Belgium Brewing’s Tour de Fat tours six cities annually, providing an exclusive way to raise funds for bike non-profits while celebrating two-wheel travel. While beer and music are at the core of this festival, various cycling-inspired activities – from bowling to Slow Roll – and social challenges are included so participants can meet other like-minded bike lovers! It is an event not to be missed!

Alongside offering an afternoon entire of games, performances, and beer-drinking fun, the event also raises funds for local charities through ticket sales and a portion of beer sales – this money goes to organizations like Bike Fort Collins, Send Town Bike Club, and Fort Collins Co-op. Furthermore, family-friendly refreshments such as food and non-alcoholic drinks will be offered.

The Tour de Fat was first conceived of as an idea by two employees at New Belgium who wanted to give something back to the community and show appreciation for all they’d received from those supporting them. Their festival celebrates beer and bike culture and now draws thousands from all around the country!

This year marks the festival’s 24th year in Fort Collins and will include carnival-inspired activities such as a costume contest, bicycle bowling, and bicycle rodeo corral; there will also be a car-for-bike swapper program as well as live bands performing.

Although not suitable for everyone, the Slow Ride IPA bike race offers an engaging challenge: to become the slowest participant over a mile-long course timed by volunteers – with the winner receiving their very own bottle of Slow Ride IPA as their reward.

Tour de Fat Festival offers the ideal combination of fun, active recreation, and uniqueness on Saturday afternoons. From bicycle bowling to dance performances and fundraising efforts for local bicycle nonprofits – tour de Fat strives each year to make its event bigger and better!

It’s a carnival.

Tour de Fat is back and bigger than ever – offering music, entertainment, contests, and raising money for local bike nonprofits, as well as some fantastic merchandise sales opportunities! Be sure to register in advance so you’re guaranteed the best spot in the parade!

New Belgium Brewing’s Tour de Fat has raised more than $5 Million for local bike non-profits over 23 years, and this year, it will tour more cities than ever before. This unique beer, music, and bike festival celebrates self-propelled two-wheel transportation while providing world-class beers and eclectic entertainment – free to attend, yet proceeds from beer sales go towards supporting local bike organizations.

Tour de Fat will visit DC, Durham, Chicago, and Boise this year; additionally, the brewery will hold Tour de Fat celebrations at its facilities in Fort Collins, CO, and Asheville, NC, with family-friendly offerings for food and beverage options.

Even those unable to attend the Tour de Fat can contribute to its mission through volunteering. New Belgium Brewing offers various volunteer shifts, with each volunteer receiving a T-shirt as well as post-shift refreshments! Interested participants should sign up on the Tour de Fat website.

Asheville has long been recognized for its longstanding brewing heritage, creating a community and culture built around beer that has manifested in events like Tour de Fat. Held every October and free to attend for anyone, this annual celebration brings bike riders together with bicycle brews for free admission – while helping Asheville On Bikes make our city more bicycle-friendly! Proceeds benefit Asheville On Bikes, which works to make Asheville more bike-friendly.

The parade starts at 9:30 am and travels along Mountain Avenue Downtown, ending up at New Belgium Brewing, where participants can enjoy music, contests, and more! An external organization produces this event and is not related to the Downtown Development Authority.

It’s a party.

The Tour de Fat is a celebration of beer, music, and bikes. First held in Fort Collins, Colorado, and now an international event, it raises funds for local bike non-profits through a costumed bicycle parade, world-class beers, and entertainment – starting from City Park before winding through Mountain Avenue before reaching New Belgium Brewing, where there will be an official party hosted by an outside organization that is unaffiliated with Downtown Development Authority.

Each year, thousands of people attend this festival to enjoy its festivities, dress up in creative costumes (or wear their most outrageous ones!), and celebrate self-propelled two-wheel travel. In addition, it benefits local cycling advocates while encouraging riders of all ages to come out and have a good time! Although entrance to the parade is free, tickets should be purchased if possible for optimal viewing experience.

For an array of eye-catching costumes, look no further than Le Tigre tent. Packed full with 52 seats of vaudeville circus performers, including cabaret acts such as Missy Elliott-style ventriloquism and an imaginary drunk elephant act, past performances at Le Tigre include some truly eye-catching spectacles!

Tour de Fat is an unparalleled celebration of bicycling, beer, and costume fun hosted annually by New Belgium Brewing Company since 2007. Over time, it has raised millions for bike non-profits while inspiring spin-off events across various local bike groups.

New Belgium’s Tour de Fat is an annual fundraiser held across six cities that combines weirdness with charity. Each event adds its distinctive flavor, including this year’s host city, Boston Cyclists Union, as a partner organization, and we can’t wait to see what surprises are in store this year for Boston Cyclists Union as host.