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Dore hired a consumer attorney to sue Five Lakes Agency for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. She asserted that Five Lakes did not identify itself as a debt collector during her interactions with it.

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Five Lakes Law Group has been helping individuals manage their debt issues since 2007. Our firm works on a contingency basis – meaning you do not pay us until we win your case – and offers free case reviews to all potential clients. Contact us now to set up an initial consultation meeting!

For eight consecutive years, the Mintz Law was recognized by Vault’s Best Firms to Work For and honored for associate satisfaction. Furthermore, Mintz received Women in Law Empowerment Forum Gold Standard Certification, which measures how firms integrate and empower women into leadership roles. Again, 16 new lateral hires from various areas such as Immigration, Intellectual Property Litigation, and Public Finance Real Estate Tax practices joined Mintz this year.

Mintz Pro Bono Committee Chair Sue Finegan leads a team of attorneys challenging the Trump administration’s travel ban and representing immigrants detained at Boston Logan Airport. Mintz was chosen for participation in the National Legal Aid & Defender Association Beacon of Justice Award program; additionally, it earned its ninth consecutive perfect score on Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index and created MintzEdge, a one-stop resource for entrepreneurs.

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Consumers are protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) regarding debt collection. This act prohibits debt collectors from engaging in abusive or harassing tactics to collect a debt; additionally, false representations and deceptive practices are forbidden under this act.

Consumers who believe debt collectors have harassed them can file a complaint with the Department of Justice to file their grievance. Once received, this agency will conduct an investigation and, if necessary, take appropriate actions against said collector. Furthermore, FDCPA protects consumers against credit reporting agencies who sell or otherwise utilize consumer credit information.

Mintz Levin expands to 32 attorneys (19 Partners, 1 Counsel, and 12 Associates). Municipal bond services were added when Kidder Peabody and Everett, Massachusetts, hired Mintz Levin as underwriter’s counsel for municipal bonds issued by Kidder Peabody and Everett, Massachusetts, respectively. Litigation Practice was then formed at Mintz Levin; Richard Mintz (Herman’s son) joined the firm as a first-year Associate, as did William Glovsky.

Mintz received the American Association of Pro Bono Lawyers – New England Pro Bono Award and co-counseled in a challenge against President Trump’s travel ban. Mintz continues to serve as lead counsel on significant corporate restructuring and workout matters; began expanding and renovating its Boston office; achieved 13th straight perfect score on Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index; was selected one of The Boston Globe Top Places to Work list.

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Five Lakes Law Group, LLC provides consumer debtor defense services nationwide. Their attorneys work closely with debt settlement companies, legal clubs, creditors, and credit repair services to achieve optimal outcomes at cost-effective rates for their clients. In addition, the firm offers free consultation and credit repair services and a complimentary credit repair consultation service. Their attorneys possess considerable expertise in consumer protection laws while striving to assist consumers in achieving financial freedom through debt settlement or bankruptcy filings.

Debt settlement is a bankruptcy alternative that allows borrowers to settle their debts by paying an agreed-upon lump sum, typically far less than what was owed originally. By doing this, borrowers can save money on interest charges while avoiding bankruptcy’s negative repercussions on their credit score – starting fresh with a clean slate and rebuilding credit later on. But debt settlement should not be undertaken without considering all possible consequences; otherwise, it may prove futile.

One of the primary risks of debt settlement is that it could cause borrowers to miss payments, ultimately leading to default and foreclosure. To prevent this from occurring, prospective borrowers should thoroughly analyze their finances before enrolling in debt settlement; this will enable them to determine if they can afford payments for at least 24 months until their debts have been resolved.

Concerns with debt settlement companies include their intransparent fee structures. Morgan Drexen in Wisconsin advised its clients to stop making payments directly to creditors and instead place them into an account it controlled. When enough funds had accumulated, Morgan Drexen would negotiate with creditors and pay them, then use any leftover funds as their service fee.

After its service offering, a debt settlement company must be ready and willing to present evidence that it is legitimate and engaging in no misleading or deceptive practices. This may include providing proof of its licensure and membership with professional associations such as the State Bar of Wisconsin; additionally, upon request, it should be able to verify the employment statuses of its attorneys at any given time.

Bankruptcy Law Firm

Those in Florida looking for bankruptcy services may contact Chad Van Horn, Esq. as the founder of his firm. With a proven track record and a team of student loan attorneys, debt settlement attorneys, and bankruptcy attorneys, he can help clients with debt issues get back on their feet after experiencing a financial catastrophe. They will uphold your rights while receiving all available benefits under state law.

Bankruptcy provides more than just financial relief; it can also radically transform your contractual relationships with creditors and lenders by eliminating certain liens on your property and enabling you to keep it. Furthermore, it may reduce or even eliminate interest payments on debts and monthly payments, helping save your business.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney can also help with financial problems by offering advice regarding credit counseling, bankruptcy, and foreclosure prevention. These services are essential in safeguarding the health of your finances while giving you back control of them – plus an affordable price. A quality bankruptcy law firm should offer these services.

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