Find the Best Litigation Lawyers in El Paso

Are you facing legal troubles in a civil dispute involving personal injury, real estate, or employment? If so, an experienced El Paso litigation lawyer is essential. FindLaw helps you select a local litigator to handle all phases of your case – from pre-trial through appeals.

A federal criminal appeal is your chance to contest the judgment or order of a district court by presenting your case directly to an appellate judge. Typically, this does not require in-person interaction and is settled via brief submission.

Federal Criminal Appeals

You can appeal your case if you or a loved one has been convicted of a federal crime in El Paso. But appeals can be complex and time-consuming; that’s why you must find a lawyer who knows the federal court system and has extensive expertise with federal criminal appeals.

The initial step in a federal criminal appeal is filing a brief highlighting any legal errors during the trial. If these mistakes can be proven, the judge may throw out the verdict or send it back down for review by a lower court.

Most federal appeals are decided solely based on written briefs, but a panel of judges can hear oral arguments if requested by an appellate attorney. This is an invaluable opportunity to clearly state the issues and demonstrate how mistakes can be proven with compelling proof.

Family Law

Family Law is an expansive field that encompasses many legal matters about families. These include divorce, custody and support, adoption, paternity, and domestic violence issues.

Family lawyers are an essential element of the legal system and often assist individuals in navigating family law issues. Additionally, they educate people on their legal rights and find alternative methods of resolving cases outside of courtroom proceedings.

Couples contemplating divorce can use attorneys to negotiate a settlement or present evidence of the other party’s assets and debts. Furthermore, they provide assistance with child custody and parenting time matters and representation for parents in abuse or neglect proceedings.

When dealing with family law matters, it is imperative to hire a knowledgeable attorney. Such matters are too delicate for less-than-stellar counsel to handle effectively.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation encompasses a range of non-criminal legal matters, such as personal injury claims, estates, real estate, and business disputes. To successfully handle these disputes, you need an experienced lawyer to manage the entire process, from filing to appearing in court on your behalf.

Some common procedural steps in a civil lawsuit include pleadings, discovery, appeals, and trials. These processes are meant to assist your attorney in gathering the evidence needed for success in your case.

The initial step in a civil lawsuit is filing a complaint, which sets the process in motion. Both sides will file paperwork with the court to provide their perspectives of events.

Many civil litigation disputes never go to trial because parties decide that settlement is the best action. During a consultation with your attorney, they’ll analyze the details of your case and assess if any potential solutions can be reached without going to trial.

Corporate Litigation

Business litigators can handle a wide range of tasks, from defending a lawsuit filed against a company to prosecute it. Furthermore, they possess the expertise to negotiate and litigate business deals such as mergers and acquisitions.

The best litigation lawyers in El Paso can safeguard your business from contract infringement or breaches and defend against claims made by competitors. This includes filing suits for damages and stopping employees from working for competitors while safeguarding your company’s reputation.

When hiring a corporate lawyer, make sure they possess expertise in the area of law they practice and are in good standing with the bar associations. This is especially pertinent if they handle antitrust or securities matters, as these typically involve high-stakes issues that could include government enforcement actions occasionally.