Family Farm and Home in Alma

Family Farm and Home officially unveiled its 25,000-square-foot store in Alma Thursday. Previously occupied by Toys R Us, store manager Schanda Vehrs says it took four weeks to stock it with livestock feed, supplies, lawn equipment, pet food accessories, automotive products tools, and work clothing and footwear for sale.

About Us

Family Farm and Home provides its customers various tools, hardware, automotive supplies, pet food supplies, alternative heating systems, work casual clothing, footwear, lawn and garden farm supplies, and horse feed. As an ECHO Sales Only dealer, they do not provide repairs or warranty service on-site and do not employ repairmen to perform on-site maintenance/warranty service on products they sell; instead, their Merchandiser/Stocker’s primary responsibility lies with carrying out daily operations goal priority assignments assigned by store management as well as maintaining safety standards within their store environment.

Farm Supplies

Farm supplies you can count on, from pitchforks to hydraulic fluid, leather care products, and gloves from top brands like Applegate, Gallagher, OK Brand Oklahoma Steel & Wire Parmak Tytan Zareba, are here for your shopping convenience. Additionally, we have everything from barbed wire or electric fencing to livestock feed and horse supplies available here for purchase.

Consumer-oriented stores operate similarly to home improvement centers. Tractor Supply Company is currently the dominant force in this sector, offering garden supplies, animal feed, power tools, and generators.

Farm Supply Stores represent an industry with low to moderate levels of capital intensity. Operating expenses, mainly labor and transportation, make up most of their costs, while other significant fees include inventory costs and any direct materials necessary.

Lawn & Garden

As the 19th-century economy flourished, wealthy railroad tycoons and factory owners sought tangible symbols of their prosperity to show off. Large front lawns with meticulously manicured grass were often displayed to show their wealth. At the same time, newspaper circulation saw many garden and flower cultivation articles printed to encourage home ownership and maintenance, further reinforcing its aesthetic as an exhibitive space and signifying domestic contentment.

After WWII, the federal government offered low-cost mortgages to foster blue-collar suburban development. As a result, middle classes could also purchase homes with lawns thanks to synthetic nitrogen fertilizers made available post-war; homeowners could then create beautiful green lawns.

Clothing & Footwear

Family Farm and Home, a privately-held chain store dedicated to selling agricultural specialty products, recently expanded into Fenton. This is their 30th location – their first within metropolitan limits since opening their first store back in 2002 – focusing on farm supplies such as horse and livestock feed and equipment; lawn and garden supplies; pet foods, accessories, and bird seeds for feeders; home heating equipment; automotive products; tools; work clothing/footwear/sporting goods as well as sports gear.

Fenton marks Family Farm & Home’s inaugural West Michigan location and employs 13 people at this former Orchard Foods building on M-120, led by Jared Loucks, who previously managed Family Farm stores in Mason and Manistee.

Company headquarters are in Alma, MI; its first store was opened for business in April 2002. Job vacancies with this company can be found below – offering competitive pay and benefits packages, teamwork culture, customer service excellence, and more!