Facial Vacuum Glass Extractor

The Facial Vacuum Glass Extractor is a portable multi-function facial machine equipped with Vacuum, Spray, High Frequency, and Galvanic functions. The Vacuum function helps clean out pores of sebaceous dirt, while the Spray helps cleanse the skin. The vacuum function will flush out sebaceous dirt while eliminating blackheads, acne scarring, and any other impurities while cleaning blackheads from pores through its suction capabilities. Read the Best info about HaanGlas vacuum insulating glass.

The Vacuum function can also assist in clearing away dead skin cells, excess oil, and sebum.


Extractions are an integral component of facial treatments. Extractions help clear clogged pores filled with excess sebum and dead skin cells from being blocked up to restore health to skin surfaces and ensure clear breathing space for patients.

Removal of blackheads, whiteheads, and other blemishes without risk of infection or scarring is done safely with these methods. At the same time, they also help prevent future breakouts by decreasing pore congestion, thus helping prevent future breakouts.

An esthetician uses various tools to apply pressure in targeted areas of clogged skin. This pressure opens the pores, releases any trapped material, and purges any pollutants or dead skin cells that cannot be effectively eliminated through everyday cleansing practices.

This machine boasts a vacuum function to extract and cleanse off sebaceous dirt in pores, flush out freshly vacuumed pores with Spray, sterilize your skin using glass electrodes for sterilization, rejuvenate through high-frequency sterilization, softens sebum/blackheads while simultaneously infusing moisturizer into the skin – providing an all-encompassing facial treatment to give it that flawless complexion you’ve always wanted! All these functions work in unison to give your face that glows you have been searching for! Together they deliver an experience to provide facial treatment that improves skin health and all-important glow!


Utilizing a facial vacuum glass extractor can be both safe and effective. This multi-function device features high-frequency functions, revitalizing skin through glass electrodes and suction to clean out pores effectively.

The vacuum function is designed to open clogged pores and remove debris such as sebum, excess oil, dead skin cells, and other forms of build-up. Additionally, its spray function will help cleanse your skin for a truly refreshed feeling experience.

A key advantage of vacuum cleaners is that they do not damage the skin. While steamers can damage delicate areas quickly, vacuums gently clean skin without ever burning it for faster work completion.


A facial vacuum glass extractor is a handheld tool that harnesses electricity to extract gunk from pores. This effective skincare treatment can keep skin clear of blackheads and oil build-up for a clearer complexion.

Extraction procedures are frequently part of facials, and most individuals require at least some extractions every time they receive one. This could be due to comedones (blackheads), blocked pores filled with sebum, and dead skin cells being collected.

Your service begins with an essential cleansing of your client’s face, neck, and decollete to remove dirt, makeup, and surface debris from their skin. Next, depending on your facility’s protocols for extractions/Iontophoresis extractions/Iontophoresis services are offered before enjoying pampering facial steam using steamers or towels to open pores and soothe their skin.


Facial vacuum glass extractor prices can range anywhere from a few bucks to hundreds, depending on your specific needs. When shopping, note whether you prefer devices powered by one AA battery or more extensive power sources; wireless models also make work easier! And finally, don’t forget the best part – working from anywhere, anytime!

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