Distance Between Two Cities Calculator

Enter an address or a pair of coordinates into this distance calculator tool to quickly get an estimate of the distance of two cities from one another. It will identify and display the most direct route between them while also showing both distances in miles and kilometers. Check out the Best info about driving distance calculator.

How are distances noted on milestones and sign boards calculated? Do they run parallel to borders or start at specific spots within each city?


Maptive’s web-based software provides the ideal solution for measuring distance between cities or calculating straight-line flight routes, making it the perfect tool to help meet all of your mapping needs. With its intuitive design and easy use, the tool enables users to create maps containing locations either uploaded from an Excel spreadsheet or manually entered by themselves – adding all kinds of customization features so that maps exactly match what users desire.

As the first step of creating your map, select your origin locations – customers, sales reps, stores, or suppliers that you’d like to include on it. After doing that, choose destination locations; your map will then display their distance in miles or kilometers so that you can use this to generate a detailed table of results.

Maptive’s Distance Matrix Calculator tool is an innovative way to visualize location data. It helps you select the ideal locations for your business, save time and money by finding fast routes between destinations, and support other essential business functions such as sales territory management, supply chain analysis, and demographic profiling.

Maptive offers another impressive feature in its radius tool – creating custom radius circles using consumer data and fully customizing its visual appearance. This enables you to visualize where customers reside and target advertising campaigns accordingly. Furthermore, this software boasts the unique capability of drawing multiple radius circles simultaneously, something not found with other distance measurement solutions.

Maptive is a cloud-based mapping software accessible on any device with internet connectivity. Its advanced routing engine uses Google Maps and is always up-to-date, perfect for teams to use. Compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, as well as supporting multiple languages and browsers alike – Maptive makes mapping easy!

Google Maps

Google Maps can be an invaluable resource when planning an upcoming vacation or estimating how long it will take to walk between home and work, but for accurate use, you must understand its inner workings. For instance, its air distance measurement feature causes discrepancies between actual driving distances and estimated travel times.

Google Maps app offers multiple methods for measuring distance between cities. One is through the “Directions” feature, which calculates it along streets; another way is via a measurement tool that measures straight-line distances between two points on an Android or iPhone device. Both methods can be used to measure the distance using tapping/holding points to drop red markers; once these markers have been placed correctly, you will be able to view total mileage or kilometers as the total.

This tool allows you to quickly and easily calculate distances between locations. Additionally, this method enables you to plan trips or visits. In addition, the tool also offers detailed maps and suggests routes for getting there; further, it can help identify restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, or other landmarks nearby.

To measure distances between cities, first select one on the map. Next, click “Measure distance” from the menu at the top of your screen – this will open a pop-up window displaying their distance apart. Alternatively, this tool can also be used on desktop computers.

Google Maps makes it easy to measure distances on maps with its application on smartphones or tablets. First, choose the starting and ending points of your route before selecting units appropriate for measuring distance. Finally, like both locations, Google will do all the hard work for you!

Yahoo Maps

Yahoo Maps is one of the most utilized online mapping services on the internet due to its ease of use and accurate results that arrive quickly. Furthermore, Yahoo Maps features useful live traffic information that can assist users on their journeys; such features could help travelers avoid getting stuck behind roadblocks or discovering that a road they were driving on has been closed due to construction work.

Yahoo Maps excels at showing multiple routes, giving users the flexibility to select the route that best meets their needs and saving them time by planning for their trip. Plus, its access to any device makes planning travel a breeze; all it requires is internet connectivity and a browser-equipped computer or smartphone!

For an easy way to measure distances between cities, Yahoo Maps provides an affordable mapping service that gives provides landmark information and and road distances between towns as well in both mobile and desktop versions; Yahoo! Maps makes getting information accessible.

To calculate the distance between two cities, enter both names into the search box. You can also provide address and zip code details if desired. After inputting these details, click “Calculate Distance,” which will display their locations on a map as well as their distance in miles or kilometers – you can select either option depending on how you want to view results.

Yahoo Maps not only gives users distance information between cities, but they can also use this feature to get there via directions and route information. This feature is beneficial if traveling to unfamiliar cities; users can set their start point and destination point and view route details so as to see if any stops need to be made along their journey.


The MapQuest Distance Between Cities Calculator is an online mapping tool designed to assist users in finding optimal routes from their destinations to each of their desired points of interest. Available both on desktop computers and mobile devices, this website provides comprehensive directions, including traffic updates and road conditions, as well as printing maps and planning routes – it’s designed for ease of use so even novice users can learn to use this resource efficiently.

Google Maps Navigation app, designed to work across devices, features voice navigation, cheap gas station searches, real-time traffic updates, and distance calculations in kilometers, and shows users their route options in detail. However, its business route planning capabilities, such as automatic IRS reimbursement calculations or adding multiple stops into a single itinerary, remain lacking.

MapQuest was one of the pioneering services to offer online maps and directions but has since been overshadowed by competitors like Google Maps. Although MapQuest attempted to stay competitive by filing bankruptcy and shifting focus away from maps to directions, its future remains unclear.

MapQuest differs from Google by using digital road maps created by R.R. Donnelley and Sons in the 1960s – this was one of many technological breakthroughs that ultimately led to its creation.

MapQuest has become a prevalent mobile application available on both iOS and Android devices, providing road trippers with tools they need for successful road trips – such as searching for gas stations and restaurants along the route, sharing itineraries via social media with friends or family, and much more.

Though consumers love MapQuest’s app, it hasn’t seen as much success on mobile. Competitors offer more functionality with fewer advertisements; all can work on both Android and iPhones; some even allow you to set a list of favorites for quick accessing frequently visited locations.

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