Colt King Cobra 22LR in Stock

Colt debuted their King Cobra Target rimfire revolver – more commonly referred to as ‘Baby Snake’ – at the 2022 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits, also known as NRAAM&Es. This version of the King Cobra boasts the same forged stainless steel frame with Hogue over-molded rubber grips for maximum handling comfort.

The rimfire model holds ten rounds in its cylinder and utilizes adjustable target sights like its centerfire counterpart. You may encounter it at formal and informal rimfire competitions.

Stainless Steel Frame

Colt enthusiasts were delighted when the manufacturer announced the return of the classic King Cobra revolver. Not only is the updated model reliable and aesthetically pleasing, it offers all of the power of its centerfire counterparts – ideal for home defense as well as recreational shooting. Furthermore, its 10-round capacity rimfire cylinder makes this model suitable for recreational shooting as well.

When the left-side cylinder release is pulled, the cylinder opens in traditional double-action revolver fashion from its left-side position on the frame. Boasting an ample 10-round capacity and US-forged stainless steel construction topped by an elevated fiber optic front sight and fully adjustable target rear sight – this model makes an excellent addition to any shooter’s arsenal.

This rimfire version of the classic model has been engineered to be as enjoyable and comfortable to shoot as its centerfire counterparts. Its more petite frame allows for longer barrel and custom wood medallion grips; Hogue over-molded rubber grips provide excellent purchase and retention; finger grooves make gripping easier.

This revolver stands out from its competitors with its smooth double-action trigger. When measured using a Wheeler Engineering digital trigger gauge, its average trigger pull reaches 7 pounds 10 ounces with only 0.75-inch arch travel, making it suitable for beginners and casual shooters alike. Additionally, its 4.25″ barrel, adjustable sights, durable brushed stainless steel finish, and sleek aesthetics will indeed become popular choices among blinkers, competition shooters, hunters, and collectors looking for legendary Colt double-action revolvers like these today!

4.25″ Barrel

The Colt King Cobra 22Lr in stock features a 4.25″ barrel constructed from US-forged stainless steel that’s been precision-crafted and explicitly designed for rimfire accuracy. Featuring fully under-lugged construction that supports an iconic top vented rib and equipped with an adjustable square notch rear sight (both height and windage adjustable), its cylinder holds ten rounds, which can include either short cartridges, long cartridges or even shotshells loaded with birdshot.

This rimfire revolver was explicitly designed for competitive range shooting, making it an excellent option for plinking and target shooting. Additionally, its hammer-fired action and adjustable sights make it an effective home defense solution that can handle thousands of rounds without losing its reliability or accuracy. Furthermore, this revolver provides an affordable way for shooters interested in practicing double-action revolver shooting to practice double-action at competitive levels.

Comparative to its full-sized centerfire counterpart, the rimfire King Cobra revolver is considerably lighter and features a much smaller cylinder that holds less ammunition. Still capable of firing ten rounds in double action and up to three in single-action; its cylinder latch located on the left side of its frame slides rearward when released, permitting its 10-round cylinder to swing out freely; trigger pull is non-stacked at 8 1/2 pounds in double action mode and 3 pounds for single action mode respectively.

Though some may resist using a rimfire revolver for home defense, it can actually do an outstanding job when needed. Plus, these guns are less costly to make and can carry over 1,000 rounds before needing cleaning; furthermore, they are very durable with high-quality trigger mechanisms.

Fiber Optic Front Sight

Colt’s announcement of their smaller, rimfire version of their iconic King Cobra revolver called the Baby Snake was met with great enthusiasm from Colt fans around the globe. Ideal for blinkers, competitors, and hunters who desire performance-grade Colt revolvers but in smaller packages.

The Target offers ten rounds of rimfire ammo in its high-capacity cylinder and features all stainless steel construction. It has a four-and-one-quarter-inch barrel with a recessed target crown featuring a stippled front sight for easy sighting in various lighting conditions. Plus, the pictures sit atop an easily identifiable pedestal, allowing users to locate them quickly when shooting at targets in different environments.

Like its siblings, this King Cobra revolver boasts a double-action trigger with a pull weight of 9 lbs and short travel, designed for optimal shooting performance. Additionally, its hammer offers full travel while breaking at 7 lbs for easy shooting performance. Finally, its cylinder opens outward leftward via an iconic Colt-style cylinder catch to complete its features.

This rimfire revolver features a substantial rib running the length of its barrel, adding significant mass and helping maintain balance in its operation. Furthermore, its cylinder face has been polished to an impeccable mirror finish, making cleaning and maintenance much more straightforward.

Wilson Combat snag-free front replacement sights are made of high-quality fiber optic technology that will help you quickly target and shoot in changing lighting conditions. They make an ideal pairing with the factory Wilson Adjustable rear sight that comes included with this revolver, fitting 2021 Colt Pythons, Anacondas, and King Cobras produced during the 2020-2021 production cycles.

Adjustable Rear Sight

The King Cobra Target revolver was made to be shot frequently and will make an excellent choice in formal or informal rimfire competitions while also serving well for plinking or home defense due to its longer barrel and adjustable sights.

The 10-Shot Cylinder for Rimfire Cartridges is made from stainless steel and comes equipped with a double-action trigger with a smooth feel for double-action operation. Furthermore, an easily identifiable sighting rib with red fiber-optic front sight and adjustable target-type rear sight make lining up shots a simple matter.

As with its centerfire counterpart, the rimfire King Cobra features a forged stainless steel frame and ventilated barrel rib. Its trigger has an easy double-action pull of 9 lbs measured on a Wheeler Engineering digital trigger gauge with 0.75 in arch of travel for smooth double-action shooting; alternatively, it can be manually cocked for single-action use.

The 4.25″ barrel offers impressive accuracy when using standard-pressure rimfire ammunition, thanks to an easily adjustable rear sight and an oversized extractor that makes spent casing removal much more straightforward. Hogue over-molded rubber grips in a soft black finish provide a firm grip and finger grooves to secure hold. This revolver is light and enjoyable to shoot when loaded with hard-hitting rimfire ammunition. Colt’s Baby Snake Rimfire Revolver is an exceptional option for blinkers, competitors, and hunters looking for quality in a new rimfire revolver. Colt has made headlines again recently for reintroducing their King Cobra Rimfire Revolver family; Python, Diamondback Anaconda King Cobra models have received much acclaim recently; Baby Snake could become another hit among its “Snake Guns” family!

Hogue Rubber Grips

Hogue rubber grips are composed of an extra durable synthetic material that’s more flexible than neoprene and feature soft recoil-absorbing qualities, precise molding for precision use, resistance to most chemicals used around firearms, and repeated use without losing shape or durability. Furthermore, the Colt King Cobra 22lr’s Hogue grips feature finger grooves for better purchase, which make them comfortable to hold while firing the weapon.

The Colt King Cobra Target revolver is intended to be an enjoyable shooting experience. With ten rounds of rimfire ammunition stored in its cylinder and built from US-forged stainless steel for optimal accuracy, its barrel features a 1:16RH twist rate for optimal rimfire ammunition performance. In addition, an adjustable target rear sight and fiber optic front sight round out its features – while its compact black rubber over-molded grip features the Colt logo shaped into its grip surface.

These grips will only fit the current model Colt King Cobra from 2019 and beyond; they will not fit the 2021 reintroduced Colt Anaconda or any other significant “V” frame double-action revolvers. You will require a grip pin for installation as these do not replace factory grips but rather have cobblestone (stippled) surfaces for better grip control.