Clear Care Travel Size

Clear Care Travel Size solution is an ideal way for fans who need to take contact lens solution with them when traveling, coming in a convenient 3 oz pack designed to take on the go.

Though there were reports about Clear Care travel size packs being discontinued by their manufacturers, they can still be purchased at supermarkets and other stores.

Triple Action Cleaning

As a contact lens wearer, you must take steps toward maintaining their cleanliness hygienically and responsibly. One misstep can have significant repercussions for your vision; hence a high-quality lens cleaning solution must be used regularly to clean them effectively and keep them safe.

Poor lens cleaning solutions can cause discomfort and irritation, so choosing a top-rated brand like Clear Care that is both reliable and effective is essential for long-term comfort and eye health. The boiling power of this 3% hydrogen peroxide solution removes protein build-up and dirt build-up from lenses, so they remain comfortable to wear for an effortless wear experience.

Clear Care Travel Size Pack offers the ideal combination of affordability and effectiveness in supermarkets and online stores. Furthermore, its FSA/HSA eligibility allows you to purchase it using funds from either public or private insurance policies. So, if you’re searching for a lens cleaning solution that delivers both aspects, Clear Care travel size pack is your answer!


Clear Care contact lens solution offers superior cleaning and disinfecting power. As a sterile product containing micro-filtered hydrogen peroxide and sodium chloride, this hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested formula is free from fragrance, coconut, lanolin, and nickel as well as common allergy-causing preservatives – making it suitable for daily use with its 3oz travel pack!

This product offers excellent value to anyone searching for lens cleaning and disinfecting solutions quickly, yet they cannot find it in supermarkets or online. Many have heard rumors about manufacturers stopping production, yet this is untrue.


Recently, there has been much talk of evident care travel-sized packs being discontinued by manufacturers, which is untrue as they can still be easily found in supermarkets and online. Due to this uncertainty, many individuals need help quickly finding these more miniature packs at higher costs than set by manufacturers, leading to illegal black marketing of these valuable products.

Precise Care is an outstanding product for fans searching for an easy and convenient lens care option, available in 3 oz form and best suited for tiny homes or offices.

Stain Removal

As manufacturers discontinue many lens cleaning solutions, clear care travel size packs remain available online and at supermarkets. Its micro-filtered hydrogen peroxide and sodium chloride solution helps remove protein deposits on lenses for clear and soft results – ideal for protecting eyes from bacteria that could lead to eye infections and removing stubborn makeup stains that cause redness for optimal eye protection when worn colored contact lenses.