Avast Secure Browser Review

Avast Secure Browser stands out from other web browsers with its vast security features and performance-boosting ad blocker.

This browser imports bookmarks, browsing history, search engines, and auto-fill form data from other web browsers. It provides exclusive tools like Security and Privacy Center, bank mode, and video downloader.


The Avast Secure Browser boasts many features, making it an all-in-one online security tool. Based on Chromium, the browser features an effective ad blocker, anti-tracking and anti-fingerprinting features, and Webcam Guard to block websites from accessing your camera feeds. Furthermore, stealth mode disables browser history, cookies, and web caches, forcing websites to use encryption and built-in VPN connection support – not forgetting built-in support!

Bank Mode is Avast’s most exciting feature. Essentially, this puts you into a virtual machine and browser window utterly separate from each other and your system. Avast claims that Bank Mode isolates itself from any threats on your system, only sending any websites suspected as possible phishing sites through to Avast (or Google) servers (or vice versa).

Similar to Firefox’s phishing detection feature, but less precise as all URLs are sent directly to the server for analysis instead of just hashes. Still a helpful security feature, but remember, nothing online can ever remain safe or private.


Avast Secure Browser is an intuitive cyber security browser with a built-in VPN and an intuitive Chrome-style user interface, featuring advanced cyber-security features and VPN, such as tracker blocking and anti-phishing extensions, webcam protection, extension guard protection, fingerprint disguiser technology, and HTTPS encryption features – all within an easily navigable framework. Available across macOS, Windows, and mobile platforms and offering sync capability between platforms; also features include ad and tracker blocking, fingerprint disguiser, and HTTPS encryption, among other valuable tools!

Password management and banking mode provide additional protection from hackers who could intercept an SSL certificate and gain access to transaction details. Tab grouping features make managing many pages simultaneously simpler while working seamlessly with Avast products like antivirus and VPN services.

However, suppose you want to increase the security of your browsing session even more effectively. In that case, there are other solutions with better ad-blocking capabilities and unlimited VPN connections, such as Opera’s free built-in VPN and password manager, surpassing those provided by Avast.


Avast Secure Browser is a free web browser that completely controls your data, identity, and browsing habits. It protects against hacker attacks while automatically blocking ads to speed up site load times; plus, there’s even a built-in VPN and password manager for added online privacy!

This browser boasts a stylish interface and quick startup time. Additionally, it supports numerous extensions and customization features – such as themes. Furthermore, syncing settings across platforms ensures an optimal browsing experience.

Opera is similar in its ad blocking and privacy features. Avast provides similar tools, such as its performance manager for optimizing CPU and RAM usage by suspending inactive tabs, saving battery power by restricting power usage, saving data usage, etc. Ultimately it can save both money and battery power! It is available for free download or bundled with their premium antivirus programs.


Avast Secure Browser is a Chromium-based program, meaning that its appearance and functioning mirror those of Google Chrome, Vivaldi, and other Chromium browsers. Like these applications, Avast accepts Chrome extensions while also providing its array of functionality.

Avast provides users a privacy cleaner, password manager, and features like ad blocking, malware blockading, and anti-phishing protection. Avast also works to combat identity theft with features like anti-fingerprinting, Hack Check, and Extension Guard (which helps ensure no malicious or spyware-like extensions are installed on devices).

Other features of the Avast browser include changing its theme to facilitate faster tab visibility, grouping them into groups, and making Avast your default browser. Furthermore, it supports importing bookmarks and settings from Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer, enabling or disabling various extensions via Security and Privacy Center and giving access to SafeZone virtual private network, Bank Mode, and Avast Online Security features such as well as automatically collecting usage statistics and crash reports to its servers.