Aspen Dental Dentures Reviews

Getting new dental dentures is an essential step in maintaining your health. Understanding the different options available will help you make an informed decision. Aspen Dental provides affordable dentures.

Affordable Dentures

Those who need to replace their teeth often search for affordable dentures. Aspen Dental offers several types of dentures to fit a variety of budgets.

Premium complete dentures are crafted to fit the shape of your mouth and give you a natural look. They are also a great way to improve your oral health. They are made of natural acrylic and come in a variety of colors. They also offer wear and stain resistance.

A one-year warranty backs them. Aspen Dental also offers a denture money-back guarantee.

Aspen Dental has an in-house dental lab that allows for faster production. This reduces the cost and makes communication with your dentist easier. They also provide a detailed treatment plan that includes fees.

They also advertise “free exams” and “free X-rays” to lure new patients. In addition to offering a wide selection of dentures, they also charge insurance and free, no-interest credit cards. They also have an employee who deals with complaints.

Getting used to dentures

Getting used to Aspen Dental dentures can be a challenge. However, there are some steps you can take to make the process less complicated.

First, you’ll need to decide if you want to wear immediate or permanent dentures. You may also need to practice talking with your new teeth. Then, if you are uncomfortable, you can ask your dentist to help.

You should also avoid chewing on sharp-edged objects or hard foods initially. Instead, try soft foods cut into small pieces. This will help you maintain pressure on your dentures.

Depending on the type of dentures you wear, you may experience sore spots or irritation. This can occur for a few days or weeks after wearing your dentures. These are common issues to expect during the transition from natural teeth to dentures.

You’ll also need to learn how to eat with your dentures. You can start by cutting soft foods into small pieces and chewing on both sides of your mouth simultaneously. It would be best to brush your gums and tongue daily to keep them clean.

Getting a second set of dentures

Getting a second set of dentures can significantly improve your overall smile and quality of life. Dentures can be expensive, but their benefits are well worth the cost.

A dentist can help you decide if getting a second set of dentures is right for you. They’ll also give you an estimate of how much it will cost. Some practices offer low-interest financing. Of course, you can always get a cash discount, if you don’t have dental insurance.

It can take several months to get your new dentures adjusted. However, your dentist will check the progress and make adjustments to make you more comfortable.

The dentist will tell you how often you should come in for exams. You’ll also need to brush your teeth and gums and keep them clean. You’ll also want to avoid sticky foods. Soft foods work best to maintain even pressure.

One of the most important things you can do to improve oral health is to keep a balanced diet. In addition, the American Dental Association recommends you visit the dentist at least once yearly for a checkup. This includes a head and neck exam and a check of your dentures.

Aspen Dental’s revenue targets

Among other things, Aspen Dental’s revenue targets are meticulously tracked. This means that each office is expected to reach a specific production level. That production level is based on a monthly budget, which Aspen executives set.

Aspen Dental’s revenue targets are based on what it perceives as “high-profit” procedures, such as crowns and bridges. The company also pays dentists to provide fluoride treatments, which have been shown to reduce tooth decay. The company also uses an intelligent scheduling system that prioritizes fillings and new patient exams. For example, the Aspen Dental SSS will cancel filling appointments if a patient is scheduled for a more profitable procedure.

According to an Aspen Dental spreadsheet, revenue targets for cleanings, dentures, and bridges are 243 percent higher than the budget. This may seem excessive to some patients. But a recent Center for Public Integrity investigation found that revenue targets are vital to Aspen’s business strategy.

Aspen Dental has a standard contract with its associates, which sets production goals based on the monthly averages of deposits and revenues. These incentives motivate office managers to increase patient turnover and bill patients for their services.