A College Survival Kit Will Help Your Student Get Through The First Few Weeks Of School

Your college survival kit can provide your student with all of the support they need during their first few weeks at university. From managing headaches and paper cuts to forgetting to unplug their curling iron, this kit can come in handy. bugout bags
Wayfarer Supply’s toiletry bag features multiple compartments to help keep everything organized, is water resistant, and is perfect for dorm life.

First Aid Kit

College students need a quality first aid kit in their possession at all times. At a minimum, this should contain band-aids, gauze pads, Tylenol or Ibuprofen, a tampon, and some sanitary wipes.

Reusable water bottles will help your student remain hydrated when studying late into the night under lamplight, significantly if their preferred drink temperature fluctuates between hot and cold. An insulated bottle also ensures their drinks stay hot or cold, depending on personal taste.

Cough syrup can be invaluable during illness. A hand crank radio will ensure they remain informed in an emergency. In fact, sending this college survival kit could even result in a thank-you text or even a call from the recipient!


College students often juggle studies, part-time jobs, and social lives while needing toiletries on hand to stay clean and healthy – this kit provides all they need, such as soap, tissues, and razor.

Add feminine hygiene items like tampons and pads, as well as extra bras, just in case one goes missing on the way to class! Additionally, cute scissors and tape may come in handy.

Finally, a portable neck massager will help them prevent tech neck that comes from viewing screens all day for school or work.

Emergency Blanket

Emergency blankets (commonly referred to as space blankets) should be an essential component of any survival kit or bug-out bag. These reflective mylar blankets can retain up to 90% of body heat during extreme conditions and temperatures and prevent hypothermia by keeping you warm and cozy.

Emergency blankets serve multiple other essential purposes; they can collect rainwater for use during emergencies, be used as tent material for outdoor camping trips, and serve as a signal to rescuers with its bright orange interior acting as a reflective SOS sign, among many other uses.

These lightweight and highly durable packs fold down to wallet size for convenient storage in any backpack or bag and make an excellent option for hiking and camping enthusiasts.

Electrolyte Tablets

Students who sweat more are at greater risk of dehydration. Electrolyte tablets can help restore water balance after exercise or in hot weather by replacing salts, potassium, and magnesium lost through sweat.

Sports drinks offer a healthy alternative that has lower sugar and is better for your stomach. Energy bars make an easy addition to your backpack or emergency kit; drop one into the water and drink!

Advil and Tylenol should be included in every college survival kit to treat headaches, toothaches, and fever. Furthermore, Pepto-Bismol is helpful when dealing with late-night pizza delivery or cafeteria food indigested by student bodies.


College can be a stressful transition period, requiring students to leave home for the first time and negotiate new social situations while maintaining study priorities.

An affordable college survival kit is an ideal way to ease their transition. This adorable and helpful present includes essentials for their dorm room, such as a portable coffee mug, an instant hot water maker, and a set of reusable snack bags.

This kit also features some useful extras to make life easier, including a compact sewing kit and sleep mask. There’s a good chance sending this gift will result in you receiving a thank-you text or phone call!


Staying hydrated is essential to student well-being, so having access to an emergency water supply module is invaluable in an emergency. This kit contains 600 emergency drinking water pouches with up to five years’ shelf life for you and your classmates!

No student survival kit would be complete without snacks! This easy grab-and-go pack features cereal bars, crackers, and cookies for convenient snacking on the go.

As well as food, sewing sets can come in handy when your student needs to make minor outfit adjustments. This compact set from ENTAI makes storage and transport simple – plus, it comes equipped with needles and thread!

Toilet Paper

Students often need more toilet paper than what comes included with their dorm bathrooms, and having additional rolls of cottony soft TP can make their day. Cottony smooth toilet paper also serves as an asset when camping or for an emergency evacuation kit (bug-out bag).

Young ladies should ensure their college survival kits contain feminine products and Imodium AD for emergencies after long study sessions. An emergency supply will come in handy!

Storage solutions are essential in cramped dorm rooms, and a collapsible storage crate is both inexpensive and incredibly useful. A small fan may also prove invaluable.


Freshman college students are learning to balance classes, work, and socialization – they may require new outfits as part of this adjustment, and having extra funds will make this easier.

Sleeping in a dorm can be challenging. A sleeping mask will help your student rest easy at night if their roommate snores loudly during the night.

Collapsible storage crates are essential components of any college survival kit, being lightweight, stackable, and affordable. Used effectively, they can store anything you might need stored. A notice board may also come in handy for organizing their tiny dorm room while creating lists or to-do lists; this stylish one even comes complete with magnetic holders for pens and markers!